Lost in the Sands, is a new world mission added in the latest 3.1 update which was released in Genshin Impact. This worldwide mission will have players explore some of the new dungeons introduced by Hoyoverse in Genshin Impact. It is the first world mission of the Sumeru Golden Sleep Chain, titled Lost in the Sands. Find out how to start the Lost in the Sands adventure, as well as how to explore and uncover the ruins and secrets of Abdju’s Pit, right here.

How to unlock and start the Lost In The Sands mission in Genshin Impact

To unlock Lost In The Sands, the player must follow the guidelines below:

  • To unlock the Lost In the Sands mission, the player must first go to the Aauru village gate, not far from the Statue of Seven.
  • After going there, the player must then speak to Bonifaz in Aaru’s village to begin the global quest for Golden Slumber.

Walkthrough of Lost In The Sands Quest

For the first step of the mission, the player must follow the tracks on the path leading from the village of Aaru to Abdju well (formerly Abdju Road) after requesting the start of the search in Bonifaz. The newly discovered hole is where players will be able to find the crew of archaeologists. Access to the Red Desert Threshold domain will also be possible through this.

Talk to bonifaz Genshin Impact Lost in the sands
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The next step would be to look for hints at the bottom of the pit. The player must speak to the Hermit, a Sumerian scholar and Nachtigal who are seated around the camp if you get off at Abdju Pit and enter the campsite. Afterward, talk to the fourth boy in the distance near the entrance to the ruins. Jeht is a hermit who resembles a Desert Clearwater in appearance. After that, he goes back to the campsite with Jeht.

Follow the Genshin Impact footprints
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With Tirzad, the player must then travel to the vicinity of the ruins. Go and return to the entrance to the ruins near where Jeht was previously. The Abdju Road ruins will then be shown after a short cutscene. Explore the long corridor ahead. Once unlocked, enter and activate the teleport waypoint inside. Until you reach the other side, proceed through the long corridor.

Abdju Road
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Investigate the ruins of Abdju’s pit. Players should then investigate the ruins that lie beneath Abdju’s Pit. This area has winding streets, crumbling puzzles, and underground secrets that you can uncover. You will also receive the Scarlet Sand Slate device, which allows you to interact with various features of the desert ruins.

How to explore Abdju Pit ruins in Genshin Impact

To begin exploring the Abdju Pit ruins, the player must blow Anemo at the buried cube mechanism on the other side of the passage. He enters the area using the cube mechanism, then uses Jeht and Jebrael to defeat the Primordial Construct.

Also, this is where the player can find the first Sacred Seal! Follow the Seelie into the next room, then use the cube mechanism to unlock the door. Go follow the Seelie. Avoid attacks from trap devices at all costs! Look for the Dendroculus floating at the far end of the room within the area beyond the Seelie court. An elevator can be found on the panel under the Dendroculus. When the player activates it, he should stand on top of it to move down the room.

Lost in the sands Genshin Impact trap devices
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To unlock the cube mechanism, light all the torches in the room. Shooting the Tri-Yana suit with Electro will expose the right fractured torch. To unlock the following door groups, operate the cube mechanism. The player should also follow the Seelie, as it will point you in the right direction.

Keep going until you encounter some Fungi monsters. After that, turn right and go down the stairs. Collect the next Holy Seal by going down the stairs. If the player passes by this location, an additional cutscene will start.

The next step would be to turn on the elevator, then go up the few steps in the room. Get closer to the protected gadget. Check out the Strange Machine next to it after Jeht has finished speaking. Report the findings to Jebrael, Tirzad and Jeht after getting off the elevator once more. Additionally, the player will be able to receive a Scarlet Sand Slate device! Go back to the elevator and use the newly unlocked blue book to open the door.

The way to go is straight. The player should simply follow the Seelie and avoid the obstacles until reaching the next area. Obtain the floating inverted pyramid known as the Forged Primordial Light and place it on top of the Replicator Stone (light panel on the right).

To open the door, transmit the Primal Beam to the device on the left. This should connect to the mechanism by itself! After that, in the next room, get the third Holy Seal. This time, take the two forged primal lights and apply them to the two panels.

Follow the impact of Seelie Genshin
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For the last few steps, the player must make sure that the cell connects to the appropriate mechanism and rotate it at least twice. This will then open the book. Next, to open the door, the player must interact with the book.

The next step would be to eliminate all Primordial Constructs that spawn nearby. Once the player manages to defeat the Primordial Constructs, he can use the book that has been unlocked to open the door. To officially end the exploration of the Abdju Pit ruins, the player must now exit the ruins. To finish the mission, take the path leading to the southwest and exit the pit through the door.

Rewards for completing the Lost In The Sands mission

In the Lost In The Sands mission, players can earn rewards by completing the mission. Rewards include

  • blue raspberry x 43500
  • Mystical spell mineral x 3
  • Primogem x 40
  • Spirit of the hero x 3

It was all in our Genshin Impact guide to completing Lost In The Sands.

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