Cheesecake with cherries

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Cheesecake with cherries With the "Cheesecake with cherries”We inaugurate the period of fresh desserts with seasonal fruit. The Cheesecake (literally cheesecake in English) belongs to the US tradition: it is…

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Oreo mini cheesecake

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Oreo mini cheesecake The cheesecake (literally cheesecake in English) is a cold dessert composed of a base of cookie dough on which a tall one rests layer of fresh cream…

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Lemon cheesecake, no-bake recipe

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Lemon cheesecake, no-bake recipe Cheesecake is a famous dessert with a unique and original taste, now widespread all over the world and really appreciated. There are infinite variations, and it…

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Strawberry cheesecake, simple and fresh

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Strawberry cheesecake, simple and fresh Strawberry cheesecake is a simple dessert, ideal in spring when the strawberries reach their maximum degree of sweetness. It is a very quick recipe, with…

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