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Clash Royale is a game that has caused a real phenomenon among Android users. It has given a lot of popularity to its genre and has caused many games of this style to come out. Although, so far none of them have gained the popularity of the original. But, There are games similar to Clash Royale that are worth downloading and take into account.

With that in mind, we have made a selection with some games that are similar. But, they have their differences and you may find them interesting if you play Clash Royale. Additionally, this selection of games is free. What games are on the list?

Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble clash royale style game

We start strong with the Warcraft Rumble game. This is a strategy and action game for mobile with Similar styles to Clash Royale but set in the Warcraft universe. The way the game works is something similar where you control an army of collectible “mini” characters that come to life to fight and defend your kingdom.

Warcraft Rumble is a perfect mix of strategy and action as it combines the classic mechanics of Warcraft real-time strategy games with the fast-paced action of card combat games. This is something very interesting since it is a way of adapting a genre of games that loved more than 20 years ago to a younger audience.

Furthermore, it is a game that keeps adding updates, creating new minis and collectible upgrades. If you like the aesthetics of games like Warcraft 3 or World of Warcraft, this game is for you. You can download it for free from the Play Store. Although it has purchases inside.

Road to Valor: World War II

Road to Valor World War II

For all lovers of war games comes Road to Valor: World War II, a real-time strategy game for mobile phones set in World War II. Has similar gameplay or practically the same as Clash Royale but the setting is more adult.

When you start the game you take the role of an army general who must command his troops in battle to win victory. Are Battles can be against other players or against the AI, where you will have to plan both your actions and analyze the opponent’s movements in order to defeat him.

The game It preserves the historical value of the battles it recreates, offering weapons, vehicles and situations that have occurred in reality. so that you fight in a real historical context. In addition, it does not skimp on in-game elements since you will be able to use a wide variety of military units, from infantry soldiers to tanks and planes.

We can download this game for Android for free from the Play Store. Although, as in the previous case, we find purchases inside.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach

We could say that this game It has been partly inspired by Clash Royale, mainly in operation. But at the same time it’s a completely different game. So it’s a good option if you like the genre, but want to experiment with something different. We have to defeat the Dark Guard to free the natives.

We also need invade other players from around the world. Therefore, having a good defense is essential. Downloading this game for Android is free. Although we find purchases inside the game.

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars

games similar to Clash Royale Stormbound

Another game similar but different to Clash Royale, in this game you will have to use your cards to create units and structures on a square game board (like chess), and then direct them towards the attack on the enemy base. The main difference is that the cards They can be joined together to form new game pieces that are more powerful than the previous ones..

This mechanic makes the game frenetic with a constant rush of cards and power-ups. It also allows you to choose to start a solo adventure or fight in fascinating 1 vs 1 battles against other players in real time.

It is worth mentioning that The aesthetics of the game are spectacular, very beautiful. Both the cards, the settings and the menu are very pleasing to the eye. It is a game whose innovative style has attracted more than a million players. Try it and find out what I’m talking about.

Plants vs. Zombie Heroes

plants vs Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is an exciting collectible card game that pits plants against zombies in strategic battles against other players. In it you have a wide variety of characters from the Plants vs. universe Zombiesincluding heroes, villains, and characters exclusive to the game.

Furthermore, not only are there unlockable characters, but players have numerous options to assemble their teams and face their opponents. In this way, each battle requires a Careful planning to choose the right cards and use their abilities so that you don’t miss out on your strategy. This guarantees an immersive, exciting and different gaming experience with each attempt.

These five games are similar to Clash Royale, and if you know all the tricks of this game you are probably tired of always playing the same one. Therefore, we hope that you found this selection interesting. Have you downloaded any of these games?

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