Olive moth (Prays oleae)

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One of the most harmful pests for olive groves is the olive moth. It is present everywhere in the olive groves, especially in the areas overlooking the sea. This parasite,…

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La coltivazione dell’olivo

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La coltivazione dell’olivo è una delle eccellenze dell’agricoltura italiana. L’oliveto è una coltura dalla storia millenaria che si è tramandata nel tempo, facendo del nostro Paese il primo produttore mondiale…

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Olive harvest. How and when to do it

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There olive harvest it is a demanding agricultural practice but also full of satisfactions. In fact, picking a drupe may seem simple, but things are not exactly like this. This…

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The cultivation of the sapling vine

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L'sapling and the classic vine training method. This type of cultivation is practiced above all in the poor and dry soils of the southern regions and islands, where high temperatures…

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