Winter Mobile Project is a free social deception game where survival is your main goal. The game offers certain objectives and is a multiplayer game where everyone is labeled as a survivor. In addition to completing these goals and objectives assigned to survivors, there are other games including cooking meals, crafting items on the workbench, etc. In this crafting guide, we will discuss how to craft items in Project Winter Mobile.

Although these games are part of secondary tasks and there is no requirement to perform them, Survivors can still perform them to maintain their hunger bar or to create a new weapon. Check out ours Project Winter Mobile Beginner’s Guide for an advantage.

Creation in Project Winter Mobile

Creating items in Project Winter Mobile is relatively easy and profitable. You can craft any item as and when you feel you need it. You can craft weapons for your safety, items for specific purposes, and so on. There are several crafting items that can be made using different items.

For example: if you want to make an ax, you have to do it collect log (x1) and ore (x1). Different weapons and items require different crafting materials.

Winter Mobile Crafting Project
Image via Boltrend Games

To craft items, Survivors must gather the materials needed to craft certain items and store them in their inventory. After collecting the required set of items, they have to go to the workbench.

Full list of items you can craft in Project Winter Mobile

To keep things simple, here is the list of items and weapons that can be specifically crafted in Project Winter Mobile.


  • Ax: Log (x 1), Ore (x 1)
  • Pickaxe: Log (x 1), Ore (x 1)
  • Sickle: Log (x 1), Ore (x 1)
  • Poisoned Crossbow: Crossbow (x 1), Poison (x 1)
  • Shotgun: Gun (x 2)
  • Semi-automatic shotgun: Gun (x 3)
  • Repeating rifle: Gun (x 2)


Winter Mobile Crafting Project
Image via Boltrend Games
  • Fire kit: Register (x 2)
  • Electronic part: Log (x 1), Ore (x 1)
  • Mechanical part: Log (x 1), Ore (x 1)
  • Fuel: Berries (x 2)
  • Bear trap: Ore (x 2)
  • Blue radio: Mechanical Part (x 2), Electronic Part (x 2)
  • Yellow radio: Mechanical Part (x 2), Electronic Part (x 2)
  • Landmines: Ore (x 3), Mechanical Part (x 1)
  • Tripwire: Log (x 1), Ore (x 1)
  • Smoke bomb: Fuel (x 1)
  • Flare: Fuel (x 1), Electronic Part (x 1)
  • Trap Deactivation Kit: Electronic part (x 3)
  • Quick release kit: Log (x 1), Mechanical Part (x 1)
  • Inventory: Animal Fur (x 3), Mechanical Part (x 2)

How to create objects in Project Winter Mobile

By following these simple steps, you will be able to craft items in Project Winter Mobile.

  • Collect the desired amount of materials needed to craft a specific item
  • Once you have collected the specified materials, make your way to the booth workbench
  • As you hold to use the workbench inside the cabin, you’ll see a list of items that can be made from different materials.
  • Create the weapon or item you want with the materials you’ve collected.

That’s it for all crafting tips and materials in Project Winter Mobile. Good cooking in the wild!

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