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Kill Devils

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Love tower defense action? We do too, that's why we took it to a whole new level of epic gaming goodness with Kill Devils! Download this vibrantly expansive strategic game today, annihilate legions of invading villains, & protect the fantastic world of Ashan one fun filled power-up, reinforcement, & enemy decimating shot at a time!
Kill Devils is a TD spectacle unlike anything you’ve experienced on Android
Kill Devils is also a fantasy infused tower defense odyssey like you’ve never experienced before. Set in the 6 mythical kingdoms of Ashan, players take control of a different defense tower in each of the games regions - each one populated by different races including humans, elves, dwarves, and more weird creatures - and challenged to shoot defend it with gun-like magic towers and elemental mana spells.
Kill Devils includes 60 stages in all, with total 210 consecutively more difficult timed stages for players to attempt to stay alive through. Like any tower defense game worth its salt, players in Kill Devil can upgrade their magic tower stats - rate of shooting, power of each shot, shot multipliers, etc. - and defense wall hp with coins collected from killing waves of enemies.
The game’s 3 main elemental attacks (fire, water, and wind) can be upgraded via mana crystals obtained after completing each stage. Pump them full of crystals and each attack can evolve too. I.E. Fire turns to Hell Fire, Wind turns to Tornado, and beyond!
The better you do on a stage in Devil Kills the more Coins and Mana Crystals you get so stay focused and keep your head in the game! And don’t worry. Even if you change locations, your hard-fought upgrades will follow and apply to any tower you guard as you progress through this adventure.
Dragons: The Main Menace & Your Ultimate Enemy
Unlike most tower defense titles that feature mostly disconnected levels, this great TD game will wraps you into an overarching struggle - destroying the two mysterious dragons hell-bent on destroying Ashan. These larger than life bosses WILL hurt you, and they’ll do it when your at your weakest - at the very end of each stage.
Kill Devils, like others tower defense games is all about strategic survival at its core. Hold on long enough to damage the dragon that attacks you and keep your wall intact, make it to the next stage, and try again. Its not a fight for the feint of heart though - the only way to kill the dragons in Devil Kills is to beat the game!
Get ready to experience eye-popping graphics, insane gameplay, & well-rounded entertainment!
Kill Devils features a variety of in-game achievements to keep players motivated as well as a fully fleshed out tutorial guide to introduce novice players to the game.
Stunningly HD colorful graphics, smooth controls, utterly addicting gameplay, and diverse “stage-unique” weather effects that vary stage-by-stage and region-by-region all come together to ensure that Kill Devils is a epic engrossing mobile gaming journey for anyone who dares to boot it up and take the plunge into Ashan!


APK Requirements and Details:


Android Version Required: 2.1 and higher versions of Android Smartphones and Tablets

Required Storage Space: 30 MB or more

Internet connection NOT required


Latest Updated Apk Version: 1.80

Genre: Arcade

Price: Free with In-App Purchases


Installation Instructions


Download one of the [APK] files below (the "MOD" is the HACKED GAME) and move it to your Android Smartphone or Tablet;

Install the .apk game file (tapping on it);

Have fun with: Kill Devils


Free Download Kill Devils APK Android

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Download[APK] [29.8 MB] [v1.80] [MOD - Unlimited Coins and Mana Crystals]


Download[APK] [29.8 MB] [v1.80]


Download[APK] [19.4 MB] [v1.0]


Download[APK] [Google Play] [Free Game]


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