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Infinite Warrior Battle Mage

Infinite Warrior Battle Mage APK + DATA Android Free Download

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You are the Infinite Warrior Battle Mage, and you have the power of ancient magics and trained in the art of sorcerous combat.
As the first line of defense against the Tyrant King’s hordes, you and your brethren must survive the onslaught before it engulfs all of the Freelands.
Your Watchtowers, magical structures long since abandoned during many ages of peace, amplify your abilities to levels rarely seen outside their walls: a simple spark can ignite into a meteor shower, a drip of water transmutes into a hailstorm.
Unleash your mystical skills from within these formidable Towers and lay waste to the enemy!
Infinite Warrior: Battle Mage features 6 Battle Fields from well-known locations in the Infinite Warrior universe: Crow’s Landing, The Burning Sands, Kraken’s Reach, Dragon’s Hold, Frostwind Pass, and a new battlefield: The Blackened Woods.
Fight against up to 40 unique monsters, from melee fighters such as dreaded Giant Spiders, vicious Dire Wolves or Powerful Frost Giants, to the ranged fighters such as Ratkin Shaman, cursed Skeleton Archers, or even Evil Floating Eyes, to finally defeat the Tyrant King’s Captains, formidable opponents protecting each of the captured Lands.
Master incredible spells and rise to become the strongest Battle Mage, with 20 unique spells across 4 different school of magic: unleash Meteor Storm to scorch the invaders, call down Glacial Winds to shatter them, and tear the fabric of space and time to open up Black Holes. And if your magic fails, focus your rage and summon legendary Creatures to annihilate the Tyrant King's legions.
Complete engaging challenges that reward you with battle experience and Arcane Dust, a magical currency used to purchase offensive or defense abilities.
Loot dead invaders and equip powerfull weapons and armors to augment your magical power and abilities.
Play Infinite Warrior: Battle Mage today and enjoy:

* Intuitive and very easy touch interface
* 20 unique skills, offering very different and personalized gameplay experience.
* Change your spells when you want and try different combinations. Become a powerful Pyromancer and scorch down the fields, chill your enemies as a FrostMage, unleash barrage of lightning bolts as an Arcane Mage, or curse your foes with poisonous spells as a Necromancer.
* Level up your Battle Mage up to level 40.
* Take down formidable foes with spectacular spells and feel the raw power of THE Battle Mage.
* Six battlefields, with six challenging bosses, presented in beautiful retina visuals.
* 100+ challenges. Unlock Infinite Warrior's Lore by defeating creatures, get rewarded for it.
* Encounter and defeat 40 various creatures, Giants, fiery Elementals, poisonous Drake and more.
* No In-App Purchase!
* Old school cheat codes.


APK Requirements and Infos:


Android Version Required: 3.2 and all above versions of Android Smartphones and Tablets.

Required Storage Space: 193 MB or more

Internet connection NOT required.

APK ID: com.emptyflaskgames.BattleMage

Game Version: 1.1

Genre: RPG

Price: €0,84 with NO In-App Purchases

Best for Tablets


Installation Instructions:


Download the APK file below;

Move it into your Android Smartphone or Tablet;

Install the APK file (Tapping on it) without starting the game;

Download the GAME CACHE and Extract it;

Move the content of the GAME CACHE to sdcard/Android/obb and have fun playing Infinite Warrior Battle Mage


Free Download Infinite Warrior Battle Mage APK Android

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