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Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest APK MOD Android Game Free Download

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Embark on the epic journey to find the best loot and become the most powerful Hero in this free-to-play Action RPG. Featuring random loot, random dungeons, and 4 Acts each with their own legendary Boss guarding it. Journey through over 200 floors of increasingly difficult enemies while collecting the best weapons possible and compete with your friends on our in-game Leaderboards.
Equip your Rogue, Wizard or Warrior with infinitely customizable weapons and armor to help destroy the elemental evils plaguing the land. There are always new ways to vanquish your foes! Upgrade your gear with our Enchanting system and customize your hero with our gear-based skill and talent systems.
Features Include:
Bring your other characters into your adventures using the new Hireling System! 
Many new Legend and Set items to discover!

All new HD environment art and effects in each world provide enhanced visual diversity.

New and updated enemy types in each Act.

New control schemes and HUD layouts make it easier to control and allow you to play the way you want to.
Controller integration with full HID support!

Improved random dungeon generation system, never fight the same dungeon two times!

Test your skills against one of 4 Legendary bosses at the end of every Act that provide a much better chance at rare loot!

Customize the dungeon's difficulty and rewards by choose between 8 enemy power levels.

Specialize your character with our gear-based talent system!

Upgrade your loot by using special Crystals and Mythstones

We are dedicated to making Dungeon Quest the best Action RPG on mobile! New content will be added regularly, so follow us on either our forums, twitter, or facebook to get the latest news!

Fixes an issue that prevented players from playing Dungeon Quest without an internet connection
• New Hero System - Take advantage of the Hero points you have collected throughout your adventures and use them to upgrade your skills.
• New Mythic Items - Use mythstones to craft a new tier of UBER-POWERFUL items that add new skills or talents to your gear.
• New Codex added - Helps track newly added Feats, as well as your Legend, and Mythic collections. Also provides in-depth information on every system, skill, talent, formula and more in the game.
• Full Game Center Support - New achievements that work together with the new Feat System to give players TONS of rewards for taking on tougher challenges.
• Updated User Interface for Salvage and Convert that allows you to "Mass Convert" and "Mass Salvage" your crystals and mythstones. We also reduced the gold cost of both of these actions to make the game a bit easier :)
• Updated Spiritmancer skills replacing "Sacrifice" and "Skulldra" with "Command" and "Skull Shield" as well as updated talents and mechanics to help make Spiritmancing much more viable!
• New enemy rarities Legend and Mythic added.
• New Boosts for looting more gold, crystals and mythstones. We have also added an "Auto Reveal Map" that will reveal the map on each floor automatically.
• Various new community influenced items and Legend sets have been added to the game.
• Many bug fixes
Please check out our latest update and as always include your feedback and thoughts on our player forum, through Twitter, or Facebook!


APK Requirements and Details:


Android Version Required: 2.3 or higher versions of Android Smartphones and Tablets

Required Storage Space: 46 MB or more

Internet connection NOT required to play

APK ID: com.shinybox.smash

Last Updated Apk Version:

Genre: RPG

Price: Free with In-App Purchases

Ads? YES


Installation Instructions


  1. Download one of the APK  file below (the MOD version is the HACKED app) OR try the [Google Play] version;
  2. Move the .apk file to your Smartphone or Tablet and install it;
  3. Have hours of fun with:   Dungeon Quest  


Free Download Dungeon Quest APK Android

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Download [APK] [46.3 MB] [v2.3.5.2] [MOD - Free Shopping/In-App Purchases]


Download [APK] [40.2 MB] [v2.2.0.7] [MOD - Free Shopping/In-App Purchases]


Download [APK] [45.8 MB] [v2.2.0.7]


Alternative versions (click to expand)

Download [APK] [45.8 MB] [v2.2.0.4] [MOD - Free Shopping/In-App Purchases & Unlimited Mana]


Download [APK] [45.8 MB] [v2.2.0.4]


Download [APK] [40.3 MB] [v2.1.0.3] [MOD - Free Shopping/In-App Purchases & Unlimited Mana]


Download [APK] [45.8 MB] [v2.1.0.2]


Download [APK] [45.3 MB] [v2.0.0.7] [MOD - Free Shopping]


Download [APK] [45.3 MB] [v2.0.0.7]


Download [APK+DATA] [Google Play] [Free Game]


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Additional Info about Dungeon Quest MOD APK

  • Installation Type: Simple Installation (APK only)
  • Internet Connection: No (can be played offline)
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👍 +1 markfallorin 2019-06-13 09:55
its good game
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👍 +1 Nomer 2017-05-10 07:12
I hope it works
Reply | Reply with Quote | Quote
👍 +1 Dude 2017-02-06 17:39
No root use?
Reply | Reply with Quote | Quote
👍 +1 Sbenny 2016-07-12 16:39
Not here, it's perfectly working for me.
Reply | Reply with Quote | Quote
👍 +1 Jays 2016-07-12 15:17
Are you sure it works? If you buy something it force stops. .....
Reply | Reply with Quote | Quote
👍 +1 Redgie Cyrson 2016-07-10 12:16
please update to
Reply | Reply with Quote | Quote
👍 +1 Sbenny 2016-05-13 20:00
I personally tested this hack 2 hours ago and it works perfectly. Every In-App Purchase is free, as expected.

Hope it helps.
Reply | Reply with Quote | Quote
👍 +1 volfnight 2016-05-13 17:44
i just installed the dungeon quest Apk mod unlimited everything but once done i start the game and i still have to pay golf and lose life / mana etc.. special thing to do ?
Reply | Reply with Quote | Quote
👍 +1 cesarlinggasa 2016-03-07 09:25
can u have a cheat of smash hit
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