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Partia 2 The Pretenders War

Partia 2 Full APK Android Game Free Download

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Game Description:


Partia 2 is a SRPG (Strategy RPG) video game inspired by the epic Fire Emblem and Tear Ring Saga series. In a high fantasy setting, the game will take players through an magic adventure where spells and sword collide and friendship and betrayal intertwine.
Partia 2 : The Pretenders War is a sequel to Partia: The Broken Lineage. The game packs 22 stages that could present challenges to any SRPG fan.
Partia 2 introduces many new features, including the choice of "Common turn" rule where every hero make moves alternatively (like Chess) instead of taking turns to move all his/her units. I believe this will bring a new nuance to gameplay if a player choose to do so. It can be toggled in intermission, and you can always play the game in the traditional FE way. (Common turn idea is from Berwick Saga) AI had improved a lot, and horse units now can move after attacking, if they have remaining move distances.
Regrettably, the game could not deliver large animation battle, nor it is a full screen game except in iPads that have 4:3 screen ratio. If you felt the game looked bad in Partia 1, then you'll find this game look much the same, except we have much bigger and better character portraits. It is because original Partia was never profitable, making Partia 2 production running on fume. (It sold around 6000 copies in two years).
So you may refrain from buying this game if you didn't like Partia 1. But I promise you it will be a much better experience (and much more challenging) if you did enjoy the original Partia.
Thank you everyone, and please let us know what you think!


Game Requirements and Details:


Android Version Required: 2.3.3 or higher versions of Android

Required Storage Space: 48 MB or more

Internet connection NOT required.

APK ID: com.imago.partia

Game Version: 1.0.8

Genre: RPG

Price: €6,10 (€4,72 on Amazon) with NO In-App Purchases


Installation Instructions:


Download the [APK]  file below;

Move the .apk game file to your Android Smartphone or Tablet and install it;

Have hours of fun with: Partia 2: The Pretenders War


Free Download Partia 2 APK Android

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