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Ace Ferrara & The Dino Menace

Ace Ferrara & The Dino Menace APK + DATA Android Game Free Download



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Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace is a colorful space opera set in an 80s cartoon universe: spacefaring dinosaurs have declared war on mankind and only the Proton Riders - an oddball group of superpilots - can save us from certain defeat!
Ace Ferrara is a military cadet who just scored the most prestigious internship in the galaxy: aboard the Proton Riders' flagship Discordia. However, between escorting coffee freighters and manning the fax machine, Ace soon discovers that being an intern among his heroes isn't quite what he dreamed it would be. Step into Ace Ferrara's shoes, meet cybernetically augmented cats, daredevil adventurers and the enigmatic Double-Doctor Proton, and work yourself up from lowly intern to galactic hero!
Strike huge capital ships, patrol the depths of unknown solar systems, navigate mine fields and take out enemy aces in frantic dogfights! Master five different ships - from light scouts to heavy bombers - and fly alongside the galaxy's hottest pilots, colorful commentary included.
Rocket through the upper atmosphere of a gas giant, hyperjump into a stormy space nebula, or take out a dinosaur installation in close orbit around a red supergiant. If you have an iPhone 5 or better, the environments are even animated: stars twinkle, lightning crashes, and planetary ring systems shimmer in the pale light of a white dwarf.
From nefarious dino royalty to the obligatory smart-alec kid and her dog, "Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace" is chock-full of 80s cartoon tropes. Over 50 scripted dialogue scenes and briefings advance the story between missions.
"Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace"'s gameplay has been carefully designed to feel great on your touchscreen! Steering is restricted to left/right, but barrel rolling and other maneuvers more than make up for the missing degrees of freedom: Hit the afterburner to get close to your enemy, circle around them, guns blazing, or take them out with your missiles, all while keeping a close eye on your ship's different shield quadrants!
Collect Achievements and sync your game progress across your devices!



App Requirements & Details


 Android 3.0 and higher versions of Android Smartphones and Tablets


Installation Instructions


Download the .apk file below, move it into your Android smartphone or tablet, and install the game;

Then, Download the GAME CACHE (also known as "DATA"), Extract it and move it into sdcard/Android/obb and have fun playing Ace Ferrara and The Dino Menace !


Free Download Ace Ferrara & The Dino Menace for Android

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Ace Ferrara & The Dino Menace is for sure a great Action app for Android, and has been already downloaded about 9941 times just here on your favourite Android site, and probably thousand times on Google Play! You'll love its gameplay for sure and we truly believe you'll enjoy it for many hours at home, at school, at the metro or anywhere you'll go with your Smartphone or Tablet! To download Ace Ferrara & The Dino Menace, click on the proper Download button above this paragraph: the [Google Play] button will redirect you to the Play Store, the official source of Ace Ferrara & The Dino Menace, while the other button(s) will redirect you to the destination page to download Ace Ferrara & The Dino Menace directly on your device! If you have some minutes, please scroll down and review this app, by giving a feedback and sharing your experience about Ace Ferrara & The Dino Menace, to help people from all around the world to know what's Ace Ferrara & The Dino Menace about and if it worked fine or not for you. If you love Action apps for Android like we do, share your love using the social buttons below to let your friends know about us! Hope you found useful this page about Ace Ferrara & The Dino Menace!

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