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By Sbenny  Commander Warrior I'm rich! VIP releaser Hacker
#79 In this Topic I will explain the Level Ranks for this Forum.


Level Ranks are managed by a "User Experience Bar" (aka "EXP BAR").

EXP BAR is a funny way to keep track of your progresses and show other Users what is your Level. The higher your level is, the more experienced you are! So do your best to reach the highest level and show who's the one who RuleZ! may also unlock special ranks...

How to increase your Level? Every time your experience bar gets to 100%, you automatically reach the next level (like in most Android games you play).

You actually have only two ways to get Experience and they are:

1) Leaving a Reply
2) Starting a New Topic

But remember, SPAM is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED and do not post useless Replies/Topics only to increase your level or you may get a warn!

We're working on our Rank system, tweaking it and adding funny images every day! In this Topic you will see our progresses and below it will be given informations about the amount of Posts you need to level up!

Do not forget to take a look here: [NEWS] FORUM RANKS

Our level Ranks:

Lv0: Image

Lv1: Image

Lv2: Image

Lv3: Image

Lv4: Image

Lv5: Image

Lv6: Image

Lv7: Image

Lv8: Image

Lv9: Image

Max Level: Image

Let's end this topic talking about EXP.
To begin with, the higher is your level, the higher is the EXP you need to level up (like most popular games) and of course, since this is a forum, the way to increase your EXP is Posting and starting Topics! Notes: don't try to cheat, spamming useless content or it may be deleted and you could take a warn or ban ;)

As always, if you have any kind of questions, please do not hesitate to ask below! I will be glad to answer any question!

Enjoy the Forum of - Your Android Resource!
By P3triiX
#80 Wow
new ranks incoming :)

(This exp bar ... is mine :-/ , hahahahahah)
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By goodthedog  Warrior
#7634 Wow that great that they have exp bar to unlock special thing nice
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By HSyndicate  I like it
#8034 if i share only an apps that would be a spam now ? even if ur sharing only ?
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By Sbenny  Commander Warrior I'm rich! VIP releaser Hacker
#8036 No, no worries.

With SPAM we mean some content which is completely useless and which doesn't add anything informative.

Sharing apps is not considered as SPAM, since it can effectively help someone.
By Raxx  Winner MEGA Contest Winner Commander I like it
HSyndicate wrote:if i share only an apps that would be a spam now ? even if ur sharing only ?

Sharing apps is something we actually encourage. :D
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By HSyndicate  I like it
#8038 ok got it :)
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By drvortex
#8157 I for one don't post much. I like to read alot and learn that way. But I would like say, Sharing is Caring. :D
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By JoeYabuki
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By Gilgamesh86