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Root Permissions


Like iOS (jailbreak), with Android devices you can get something similiar. How is it called? ROOT. But.. what is ROOT, why and how can I get it?

Definition of ROOT

First of all, root is not something like Jailbreak and it's neither an operation to be performed. On linux platform, ROOT is the Administrator User with the highest privileges of the Operating System. So you cannot get ROOT but you can get its PERMISSIONS. Root permissions let you do everything with your OS. The limit? Your fantasy!

Root on Android

ROOT is not available by default on any Android device. This to prevent an unexperienced user to damage his device. So we have to use particular exploits to find bugs or something which can help us to easily get root permissions but luckily there are a lot of guys thinking about it so you will not need to be an experienced nerd to get root permissions on your smartphone or tablet.

Why should I get Root Permissions?

The average user will not need Root Permissions, but lot of users may like the benfits of them.

So the question is: what can I do with Root Permissions?

  • You can access system files, delete them, edit them, replace them. Maybe you'll think it makes no sense, but if you want to get EVERYTHING from your phone, this can be very useful.
  • You can Cheat! ( infinite lives, infinite money and so on :D )
  • You can use your smartphone or tablet as a UMTS/WiFi/USB modem. Yes, it is implemented in Android 2.2 but.. who still use a 2.2 Android?
  • You can modify the frequency of the device's CPU.
  • You can make backups of every app (with data) of your device and you can remove unused system apps.
  • You can move every app into your SD card and a lot more!!!

How to get Root Permissions?

Every smartphone or tablet has got its own guide to get Root Permissions because every device has got specific system bugs but there are generic tools to get those permissions. (It's not reccomended and if you find a specific guide for your phone, please follow that guide and DO NOT use generic tools to avoid something to go wrong).

So.. ROOT or not ROOT? Can I revert it back to the original state?

First of all, you have to know it's not always 100% safe. It can happen you break your device. Latest tool can help you to get Root Permissions very easily but if something goes wrong do not come here to cry.

If you do not have specific needs, you have to know you can easily live without root, if you instead want more from your phone and you want to access it at 100%, you should try Root Permissions.

And yes, of course you can unroot (remove the root permissions) your device when you want!

That's all folks! Take your time and choose what to do!

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