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If you're looking for your first web hosting or if you already have your own Website, i think you could find useful my personal review with HostGator.

I will start from the beginning.


I wanted to create a Website so i decided to choose something easy and with a good quality/price rate so i started with an Italian provider called Aruba. At the beginning i though it was a great service so i started writing on my website. After a couple months, I looked for a similiar service but with less restrictions and I finally found what i was looking for: HostGator.





What's HostGator?


HostGator is one of the most popular Web Hosting societies in the world and it covers more than 9 million Websites around the world. It offers a lot of services to choose according to your needs about web traffic, elaboration power, web space and so on... It's a very professional service and it can be used both from newbies and from experienced users for it simplicity.


What are those services?


HostGator offers the following great services:

Web Hosting (Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan)

Reseller Hosting

Dedicated Servers

VPS hosting

Web Hosting and, in particular Hatchling Plan, is the plan i will talk about and it is also the one I'm actually using for but i will also describe the "Baby Plan" and tehe "Business Plan" to give you a better idea of HostGator's services.

Keep in mind that with every service you choose, you have 99.9% uptime and a 45 day money back guarantee.


Hatchling Plan is the cheapest service offered by HostGator and it actually offers:

- Unlimited Disk Space

- Unlimited Bandwidth

- Unlimited subdomains

- Unlimited e-mails

- Unlimited Databases with no limits of space


It also gives you the easy cPanel interface to let you manage every utilities such as a File Manager, an Instant Backup with 1 click, phpMyAdmin and much, much more.


The price? Just $3.69/mo.




Baby Plan offers same services of Hatchling Plan with the addiction of:


- Unlimited Domains

- Parked Domains and Add-Ons for every subdomain

- Possibility to have your own private SSL

- Optional Dedicated IP (adding $2,00/mo)


As you can see, there are few differences but you may find these features useful for you. It'll cost just $6,36/mo.



Business Plan is the last plan will suit all your needs and it will also give you:


- Free Toll Free Number 

- Free Dedicated IP

- Free SSL Certificate

- Anonymous FTP


So we have 4 more features compared to Baby Plan. If you want the best from shared hosting, this is the ideal plan and you'll pay just $10,36/mo.



As you can see you have no limits of Bandwidth, Diskspace, Database or other limitations you can find elsewhere (like the fact you have to pay for a subdomains with Aruba). Also, with my great surprise, I discovered to pay less money with HostGator so i finally changed provider and moved to HostGator choosing the Hatchling Plan.




My direct experience


So I started again, this time using HostGator to get rid of the stupid limitations of Aruba and to be part of the 9,000,000 websites using HostGator.

It has been really easy and intuitive to buy the Hatchling Plan and there hasn't been any hidden fee. Of course, there were few add-ons but there were optional so i chosen not to buy them.

In less than 24 hours I finally had my working webspace and I started working on my website.

cPanel was easy and comfortable so I made a lot of Backup copies (feature paid with Aruba.) and I can easily access MySQL Database and I can upload Files easily throug the File Manager.


It was a great surprise to find so many useful applications like "Optimize Website", a sort of gZIP compression to make the website lighter and faster. You can also easily install joomla, Wordpress, vBullettin, Chat systems and a lot of other nice extensions and you can also edit the php.ini file (you cannot do it with every web hosting, like Aruba) and choose what PHP version to use. DNS Zone Editor and Redirect Management are also included in the cPanel and they are very easy to use so, also if you have no experience, you can redirect your pages to a specific URL or you can easily create a CNAME or a Alias, all in less than 10 seconds!


Support has been always available and kind and they helped me everytime when I asked for informations. They also suggested the use of Cloudflare and I will talk about it in another article.


Load times are very very nice and here's a screenshot of one of my record times:


Pingdom Test



Keep in mind you have to optimize your website before reaching great results, no matter what hosting service you choose.


Final Considerations:


I was amazed by the efficiency and at the same time the ease of management of the website with Hostgator and I will continue to use it for a long time. If I'll have special needs I'll just do an upgrade of the plan and then move on to the baby or business plan but until now I am very pleased with Hatchling Plan.


What do you think about HostGator?




If I could give you a good impression on HostGator and are interested in purchasing a plan, take advantage of these special COUPONs that will allow you to get an additional discount of 25% and a discount of $ 9.94 off the total price. Simply copy and insert it in the "Coupon Code". You can find it when buying a plan on HostGator:






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