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Sbenny - Chat APK

Sbenny - Chat APK - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes

TO USE THE CHAT SYSTEM YOU NEED TO BE LOGGED IN. has got a great chat system that allow to quickly speak to other users logged in. You can also start a Skype® conversation if you want.

To start chatting, open the chat clicking on the bottom-left corner chat toolbar. It should look like the picture below (note: if you are not logged in, you can't see it):


Chat System


Then, the chat system will open showing the online users:


chat2 sbenny


If you click on the Tick symbol next to the name of the User, you will send him a request to start a Group Chat (to simultaneously speak with more than one user) or if you click on the name of the User, a window will pop-up and you'll be able to start the chat:


sbenny chat3


You can move the chat by dragging the top blue bar and if you have your speakers ON, you can hear a Facebook-like sound every time you recieve a new message.


There are 5 icons at the bottom of the chat window as you can see.

1st. If you click on it, you can add Emoticons to your text.

2nd. If you click on it, you can make an attachment.

3rd. If you click on it, you will save the current Chat into a viewable file.

4th. Delete all the content of the Chat.

5th. Refreshes the Chat.


If you have further questions, please post a comment below.


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