A new special edition of the OnePlus 11 surfaced on Weibo as OnePlus Chinese president Li Jie shared the first image of the device. The phone is said to feature “unprecedented materials and craftsmanship, making each mobile phone unique.”

OnePlus 11 special edition teaser
OnePlus 11 special edition teaser

OnePlus 11 special edition teaser

The upcoming OnePlus 11 special edition is seen alongside an image of Jupiter which could hint at a space-themed back design. Reliable informant Digital chat station he tuned in to a Weibo post of his that hints that the upcoming OnePlus is using a special material on the back of the upcoming phone that is new in the industry and that the phone feels cold and cool to the touch. The tipster also confirmed that he is Not the OnePlus 11 Concept phone which was unveiled at the MWC in Barcelona earlier this year.

Other rumors suggest that the upcoming device may feature color-changing properties, but there is no official confirmation from OnePlus yet. We’ll just have to wait for more clues from OnePlus to know what’s in store for this new OnePlus 11 phone.

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