The latest generation of Google Pixel phones are available at healthy discounts – this covers the main series, the cheaper A series and even Google’s foldables. Based on our survey of the Pixel 8 duo, most people weren’t happy with the MSRP, so if you initially passed them over, it’s worth taking another look.

The Pixel 8 is a great all-rounder and with the latest discounts it is trending towards mid-range pricing territory. This is one of the smallest Androids today with a 6.2-inch display (finally a 120Hz panel). Please note that Google will support the Pixel 8 duo for 7 years, including the availability of replacement parts.


But if you’re planning on keeping a phone for that long, you might prefer the Pixel 8 Pro. This has a 48MP 5x periscope plus a 48MP ultra-wide camera (compared to the vanilla Pixel 8’s 12MP ultra-wide). Crucially, it also comes with 12GB of RAM instead of 8GB, which will help its longevity.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

The Galaxy Z Fold5 isn’t the only foldable on the market, you know. There’s the Google Pixel Fold, which offers Google’s take on a foldable UI. The overlay display is a rather squat 5.8″ panel with a 17.4:9 aspect ratio (compared to the Samsung’s 6.2″ 23.1:9), but the internal displays are exactly the same size at 7. 6″ and identical aspect ratio. Keep in mind that, unlike the Pixel 8, the Pixel Fold uses the older Tensor G8 chipset. However, like the Samsung, this model has an IPX8 water resistance rating. It also has a larger battery large 4,821 mAh (against 4,400 mAh).

Google Pixel Fold

If they’re too expensive or too big, check out the Pixel 7a. It has a 6.1-inch 90Hz OLED display and an aluminum chassis with an IP67 rating. It uses the Tensor G2 chipset and has a 64MP main camera + 12MP ultra wide. It will not have 7 years of support, but will receive 3 OS updates and 5 years of patches. But at its lower cost, you’ll feel less obligated to hold on to the 7a until it reaches its end-of-life stage.

Google Pixel 7a

When deciding which Pixel is right for you (if any), you can also grab a protective case—these are official Google silicone cases designed to stay cool, even if you don’t give it the white glove treatment.

Google Pixel 8 case

Google Pixel 8 Pro case

Google Pixel Fold case

GooglePixel 7a case

Another accessory you might want to consider is the Pixel Stand wireless charger. All of the Pixels mentioned above support Qi charging (even the 7a) – they’re not very fast, but the stand will push them as fast as possible (23W for the 8 Pro, 7.5W for the 7a). Features a built-in cooling fan to reduce heat buildup in your phone while charging.

Google Pixel Stand (2nd generation)

If you’re looking for a new tablet, the Google Pixel Tablet is available in combination with its dock. This turns it into a smart display for the home and has a built-in speaker, so you can listen to music and watch videos with better audio than the tablet’s four speakers can handle. The dock uses magnets and pogo pins, so you can quickly dock your Pixel tablet if you need it on the go and then reattach it with minimal fuss.

Google Pixel tablet + charging speaker dock

You can also get a pair of TWS earphones. The Pixel Buds Pro don’t have the best ANC, but they offer excellent battery life and good audio quality. The Pixel Buds A-Series are half the price, but you lose the ANC feature.

Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google Pixel Buds A-Series

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