Heroic – Magic Duel is a brand new RTS game for Android and iOS from Nordeus. Let’s take a look at the Heroic – Magic Duel guide, tips, cheats and strategies

In Heroic – Magic Duel, the two players face off and try to destroy portals using minions, hero spells, and most importantly, using strategy. Real-time battles against real players are really fun, but losing battles every now and then along with trophies is no fun! That’s why we’re here to help you by sharing the Heroic – Magic Duel guide and Heroic – Magic Duel tips, cheats and strategies! Let’s dive in!

Heroic – Guide to magical duels

  • How to win battles – rules
  • Battle guide
  • Minion
  • Deck Guide
  • Heroes and spells
  • How to earn gems
  • Portal
  • How to level up
  • How to earn runes
  • Advice

Basics: Portal Upgrade, Level, Runes, Gems, and more

⇒How to win battles?

To win a battle in Heroic – Magic duel game, you have to destroy the opponent’s portal. To do this, you will need to use minions – deploy the minions on the battlefield and let them do their job. The key to victory is to use these minions wisely. Some minions attack from close range while others attack from long range. Some minions have low speed while others are fast. You will have to use these minions wisely: go to the lobby -> on the left side, tap the card button -> go to the minions tab -> here you can see all the minions present in the game Heroic – Magic Duel. Touch any minion and you will know the details, such as melee, distance, speed, skill, healing, etc.

⇒ Guide to battles

Heroic - Magic DuelAs stated above, you must destroy the enemy portal to achieve victory – gold rewards, chests and trophies. In battle, there are a couple of things you need to know if you’ve never played this type of game before – the first thing is mana – To set up the card or a minion, you need to have enough mana. At the top left of the card, you can check the mana amount. For example: If the card requires 4 mana, you must have (4) mana in your mana pool. At the bottom of the battle screen, on the left side of the cards, you can see the mana pool – generates mana over time.

The next thing is to use spells – unlike cards, spells have a cooldown. During the cooldown, you cannot use the spell. So it is always advisable to use spells wisely, at the right time, to take down powerful enemy units.

You can check the HP of the enemy portal in the upper right corner of the battle screen. Well, you shouldn’t pay much attention to it – try to put pressure on the opponent by sending the minions the right way. This is only possible by reading the minion stats in the minion collection menu.

⇒ Minion

All minions in Heroic – Magic Duel fight differently from each other. The first thing you need to understand are the best tanks, the attackers, the best minions with amazing abilities and all about minions.

  • Tank-type minions: This type of minions have more health stats, which is why they can survive longer than other minions.
  • Melee – This type of minion only attacks from close range. They do not work well against the ranged unit type, until and unless the speed factor is considered.
  • Ranged: This type of minion is effective against units attacking from a distance. Some of these units have healing abilities; example – Wisp Mother. Keep attack, health, and skill stats in mind.
  • Skills: Tap any minion card and tap the (i) icon to check if that minion has a special ability or not. For example, Fire Imp is a minion: if you deploy him in battle, he will detonate damage to his front enemy (upon spawn)
  • AoE – This type of unit attacks multiple units at the same time

⇒ Deck Guide

Heroic - Magic DuelYou can make changes to the deck before battle. After tapping the combat button, you can change the heroes, spells and cards. At the bottom of the deck setup screen, you can see all of the minions you own. If you want to change a unit, touch and hold a card from the deck’s inventory and place it on top of the equipped card you want to replace.

⇒ Heroes and spells

How do you get heroes and upgrade their spells? There are five heroes in Heroic: Magic Duel: Ruul, Valen, Terrin Rhi, Noella and Alay’Na. To unlock these heroes, you need Hero Shards. To unlock new spells, you need to level up heroes – to level up heroes, you need hero shards. How do you get Hero Shards? The player takes the fragments of these heroes from the chests – the higher level arena chests drop more hero fragments. Earn Trophies: Achieve High Level Championships -> Get High Level Arena Chests from Battles -> Open -> Get Hero Shards.

Now, how are spells empowered?

To upgrade spells, you need spell fragments. Obtain these shards from chests.

⇒ How to earn gems in Heroic – Magic Duel game?

Gems are used to buy gold, chests, heroes, to open the treasure and to instantly unlock the chest – you can earn gems from the Victory Chests. Reach the high level arena and you will get more gems. Another way is to buy using real money.

⇒ Portal

In order to increase the HP of the portal, it is necessary to increase the level of the account / player.

⇒ How to level up in Heroic – Magic Duel game?

To level up in Heroic, you need EXP. Gain EXP by donating cards to guild members, upgrading / upgrading minions, spells and heroes.

⇒How to earn runes?

You need runes to empower minions: There are three types of minions: arcane, realm, and void. You need the corresponding runes to upgrade the minions. For example, if you want to upgrade arcane-type minions, you need arcane runes. Another type of rune is the mega rune – mega runes are obtained from chests (like other runes) – but these runes are used to upgrade epic and legendary minions. After reaching the maximum power level, you will be able to increase that minion’s level.

Heroic: tips, tricks and strategies for magical duels!

1.) Build the best deck and become familiar with it

In this type of game, you should familiarize yourself with the units: read their stats, abilities, type, role, mana cost, etc. As you build the deck, you should add tank-type characters (with low mana cost) to protect the ranged unit – to attack from a distance, add attackers (check the attack stats of the minions and discover the best attackers) and extraordinary ones – those who have special abilities – such as healing, explosive spawn damage, etc.

If you’re not familiar with minions and their stats, you won’t be able to use them effectively.

2.) Play the practice mode

Heroic - Magic DuelThe Heroic – Magic Duel game offers a practice mode in which you can test the minions: their attacks, fighting style, skills, etc. Go to the card collection menu screen and at the top, tap the practice button to play against a bot. If you’ve made any changes to the deck, you should try this mode.

3.) Put pressure on the opponent

This is a strategy game and if you manage to stun the opponent’s mind, you will surely achieve victory in no time. All you have to do is put pressure on the opponent by playing smart – send the cheap minions first if you want to start first – if the opponent started first, that’s really good – if the opponent fielded a ‘ melee unit, then attacks with a ranged unit. Do not field melee units against ranged-type units. You can try healers to heal allies – after sending the unit at a distance, immediately field a healer – if you have in the deck.

Again, the key is to use the best units against enemy units. If you are unfamiliar with the units / minions, it would be difficult to make decisions quickly, so go to practice mode and practice first.

Also, be sure to use spells wisely – check the enemy’s spells too, and keep in mind that the enemy can use those spells at any time – so be prepared.

4.) Upgrade cards, heroes, spells

Don’t forget to open Victory Chests, Battle Chests, Free Chests every now and then to get Minion Cards, Hero Shards, and Spell Shards. Upgrade your entire army to push yourself into new high-level arenas.

5.) Look at your defeat and find out how the opponent pushed you

The Heroic – Magic Duel offers quick battles and games you never know when the game changes. In most of the losses, you might feel that I was doing great, but how did I get the defeat, what did I do wrong? If so, it is best to look at the defeat and understand where the fault lies. To do this, tap the profile level figure in the upper left corner of the lobby -> battle history -> tap the play button.

6.) Join a guild in Heroic – Magic Duel

Joining a guild is very important. You can challenge other guildmates and improve battle skills. Also, you can request or donate cards to other players and earn rewards: EXP.

So that would be all in our Heroic – Magic Duel guide and the Heroic Magic Duel tips, strategy and cheats article. If you have any other tips to share, feel free to comment below!

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