Cardboard WarsUpdate: The name of the game has changed from Carton Wars to Cardboard Clash. Cardboard Clash is a fast-paced battle royale game from NetEase. Check out our Carton Wars guide, tips, tricks and strategy for getting victories

A few days ago we published a short article about Cardboard Clash game, a latest battle royale game from NetEase. In today’s post, we’ve covered everything you need to know about the game; Cardboard Clash guide And Cardboard Clash tips, tricks and strategy. You shouldn’t have any problems understanding the battle mechanics as it is similar to other battle royale games. Your goal is to be the last one on the battlefield. Then we will directly discuss how to improve the character, what are stickers, how to get characters, gifts, weapons, items and in-game currency. And in the tips part below, we’ve shared our best tips (you can also share with us in the comments section below). Let’s dive!


Cardboard ClashUnlike other battle royales games, in Cardboard Clash, character stats/skills/skills matter a lot. All characters featured in the Cardboard Clash game have unique abilities and different stats that can be further increased by using textbooks, sandbags, dumbbells, treadmills, and other items. For example, Candy is a character in the Cardboard Clash game who can recover 25% health when she eats the hamburger. Charles has the ability to increase attack by 35%.

You will start the game with Victor, one of the best characters in the Cardboard Clash game.

You will unlock almost all features of the game at level 9; gift, stickers, improvement and more. Let’s learn step by step and in detail!


Cardboard Clash game features over 18 characters. Since you only have one to start with, you may want more. You can get the characters from the paper box. In the lobby, on the left side, tap on the shop option. There would be the first section called BLINDBOX. From this section you can buy two types of boxes; surprise blind box and mystery blind box. Surprise Blind Box can be bought using gold (earn gold from battles). And the mysterious blind box will cost you diamonds (you get diamonds every five levels: level 5, 10, 15, 20 and so on. You will also get from the activity rewards; daily login).

FRAG OF CHAR[FragmentsofCharacter–purpleitem)[FragmentsofCharacter–purpleitem)[Frammentidicarattere–oggettoviola)[FragmentsofCharacter–purpleitem)

From paper boxes you could get the characters you already own. For instance; you have already unlocked Candy. And from the paper box, you get it again. Now, the game will convert this duplicate character into a Frag Of Char item. You can use this item to purchase sticker packs, textbooks, and characters. How to use?

Tap on the shop option -> go to the functional tab -> In the functional tab, at the bottom; go to character sheet -> there you can spend Frag Of Char.

In a similar way, you can use Frag Of Sticker in the stickers menu (functional -> sticker) for stickers.

Character Guide – Cardboard Clash

In the lobby, tap the Change Character sign on the card to access the character menu. There you can check the list of characters present in Cardboard Clash. Tap on any character -> In file menu, you can check his stats :-

  1. attack
  2. Health
  3. Speed
  4. Skills

As mentioned above, all characters have different stats. Compare stats with each other, analyze the skill and choose the one that suits you.


In the Enhance menu, you can upgrade your character’s stats; attack, health, speed and skills using these items: –

  1. Sandbag
  2. handlebar
  3. Tapis Roulant
  4. Paper book

All of these items come in tiers; T1, T2, T3. In the inventory menu, tap the item -> you can check the level next to its name. High level item grants more EXP and helps you level up stats quickly. Paperbook is used to improve the skill. Sandbag is used to increase attack stats. The dumbbell is used to increase health stats. And the treadmill is used to improve speed.

How to get these items?

  • Complete the daily activity
  • Win from battles
  • In the shop -> mystery
  • Shop -> Activities – in exchange for Gift Score, Season Medal


Usually, you get stickers from sticker packs that can be purchased in the shop for gold, gift points, season medals, sticker shards. If you have, go to inventory -> sticker -> tap the sticker and check its stats and carryable slot.

Go to character menu -> select character -> sticker -> tap suitable slot -> select it.


In the battle, you will fight against 23 other players in real time for first place. The last one wins the game. All players start the game at level 1. At the bottom of the screen, you can check the level bar. Collect blue diamonds to level up. When you level up, you’ll need to choose a skill; long press the skill to check the details. For instance; More burgers gives you free burgers (eat burgers to restore health). Every time you level up in the game, you’ll get a skill.

Items for character: –

  1. Armor – Defense
  2. Shoe – Speed
  3. Helmet – Defense
  4. Bag – Increase the slot, to store more items; turret, beacon, hamburger, hideout, planes and more

Weapons ->

The game features a melee weapon (frying pan), guns (shotguns, ranged weapons, throwables). Use these weapons to attack enemies when in range. But don’t press the attack button when there are no enemies in range. Just below the HP bar, you can check your ammo, attempts, or rage points. When it reaches 0, your character will deal no damage. So make sure you strike at the right time.

When you kill the enemy, you will be able to loot his items and diamonds (level up).

You can send gift items to your friends and earn gift points. You can get gift items from the shop; functional -> cabin. Gift items include answers, turret doll, Armin’s CD, frying pan, Pet-Cap, chicken, armband, magic caramel, paper rose. To send the gift, go to the friends menu -> tap the friend -> gift -. choose the gift.

So that’s it for Cardboard Clash guide. Let’s take a look at our best Cardboard Clash tips, tricks and strategy.

Cardboard Clash Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Land in a good location for the best loot

For the best loot, we recommend landing on Storage. You will easily get the gun, armor, helmet and lots of diamonds there. But if other players also land in the same spot, change direction and move to a less crowded area. Use the virtual pad/joystick to land quickly.

2.) Choose the right skill when you level up

As you level up in the match, you’ll need to choose one of three skills. If you don’t know the skills, simply long press on them to check the advantage they provide. Usually, these skills help you restore health, protect and increase attack power.

3.) Heal and protect yourself

Cardboard ClashIf you’re low on health and don’t have a shield, find the heal and shield points. Keep your character in these spots for a while for health and shield. Healing points are marked with a + sign. Shield dots are marked as shield cover. The shield is the most important factor.

4.) Collect items, use at the right time

When you explore the battlefield, you will get lots of items like Hide Costume, Heal Burger, Turret, Plane, Blink and more. Make sure you use these items at the right time. For instance; If you are low on health, use the hamburger. Use the flying object when a squad/enemy is chasing you. Use the turret in the last moments; turret fires shots at enemies. To escape from the dangerous situation, use the flashing item.

5.) Hide in the bushes

Enemies cannot see you in the bushes. Hide in the bushes to escape the high level enemy.

6.) Must have a melee weapon or keep full rage

Just below the HP bar, is a rage bar that displays your rage. Decreases as you use the weapon to attack enemies. You can have a maximum of two weapons. We recommend that you keep a melee weapon (pan – high level) as its attack rate, rage is high compared to other weapons. Also, if you want to improve the rage stats, “pick three lungs” when you level up.

So these are our top Cardboard Clash tips. Now it’s your turn. Share your best tips in the comments section below and don’t forget to share which weapon you use the most. Or if you need help, ask us in the comments.

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